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Newest Bonus List--Added May 8, 2012:

Web-Only Bonus List (Added May 8, 2012):
Countries That Don't Use Coins
None are in the Americas.

The next bonus list will be added to this page: Saturday, June 16, 2012.

Now for the rest of the bonus lists:

Ten Most Populous Countries to Have No Hotels from a Major Hotel Chain
Mostly isolated nations, including some at war.

Three States with No Native Oak Trees
None of these three states border each other.

Ten States with the Greatest Land Bird Density (and Five with the Lowest)
The Midwest and Mid-Atlantic are the highest regions.

Most Populous US Cities to Have No "Second Street"
A variety of cities (old and new) made this list.

Countries with the Most World Series of Backgammon Players
Number one is a relatively small European nation.

Countries with the Longest Lasting Leaders/Rulers
All are in Africa or in southeast or southwest Asia.

Largest Cities North of the Arctic Circle
All are in the Eastern Hemisphere, and two have more than 100,000 people.

Amazing Race: 5 Smallest Countries Visited and 5 Largest Countries not Visited (by Area) in the TV Series
None of the five smallest countries have yet to be visited.

Most Populous Countries Which Are Considered Free (as of 2010) But Were Dictatorships at Some Time in the Past 40 Years
This is quite a diverse list, though the most populous country is an island nation.

Ten Countries with the Highest and Lowest Percentage of the Population Using the Internet
Scandinavia has the top 3, but a middle-income small island nation ranks #4.

Meth Lab Cities: U.S. Cities with the Most Residences on the National Clandestine Laboratory Register
I-44 is to meth what Highway 101 is to marijuana.

Countries Where Penguins Are Native
This list includes countries far from Antarctica.

States with the Most "Palm Streets" and "Spruce Streets"
This list is logical.

What Do the Following Countries Uniquely Have in Common? (Quiz)
Only 7 (plus Kosovo and Taiwan) are listed.

Countries Where Paul McCartney Has Had the Most Live Performances
Includes Pre-Beatles, Beatles and Post-Beatles.

Quiz: What Do These 10 States Have in Common?
See if you can figure out how these 10 states are uniquely different from the other 40.

States with Mountains on Their Car License Plates
Most are in the West, though two states on the East Coast are included.

Largest Cities in the World to Be More Than 10,000 Feet above Sea Level
All ten cities on this list have at least 100,000 people.

Countries with the Greatest Longitudinal Range Between the Furthest West and East Points
Quite a variety of countries are on this list.

Countries with the Greatest Range Between the Furthest North and South Points
Countries containing islands have the greatest advantage.

Most Populous U.S. Metropolitan Areas to Have Only One Interstate Highway (Or None)
A couple have over a million people.

Most Populous States, Provinces and Administrative Divisions in the World
California's not in this top ten list--it's only #32.

U.S. Cities Furthest from Any Interstate Highway (with at Least 20,000 People)
Most are around the perimeter of the U.S.

Most Populous U.S. Cities to Still Have No Streets in Google Street View (TM) (September 2009 Edition)
Most are in the Northeast.

Smallest National Capitals in the World
All are small island nations or European microstates.

Most Populous Countries in the World to Still Not Have a Website for Their National Meteorological Organization/Agency
All are in Asia or Africa.

The Ten Most Rural Countries
Eight of the ten countries are poor, yet one is very rich.

States with the Most NFL Draft Picks That Went to Their High Schools (Per Capita, 1990-2008
Not surprisingly, states in the South ranked high.

Countries with the Highest Ratio of Cell Phones to Land Line Telephones
Don't plan on calling from Kinshasa to Brazzaville between two land lines!

Popularity of Various First Names in Different States
For example, Chad, Brad and Julie--Upper Midwest; Maria--Southwest and Northeast; Betty--Upper South.

Most Populous Cities with a Name Starting with the Letter "Z"
The country with the most cities normally uses a non-Latin alphabet.

Countries with the Fewest Internet Hosts
One country (still) has zero.

A Few Lists of 2008 Election Results (Part II)
Includes mostly results related to historical data.

A Few Lists of 2008 Election Results (Part I)
Includes some extremely lopsided counties.

Countries Whose Currencies Lost the Most Value in the Past Year (Oct. 9, 2007-Oct. 9, 2008
What do Zimbabwe, Iceland and South Korea have in common? Not much, except with their money this year!

Most Populous U.S. Cities to Still Have No Streets in Google Street View
10 of the top 105 cities are still waiting to be added!

Countries with the Most Olympians per Million People in 2008
Europe ranks high--but so do countries elsewhere.

Carefree Hikes: Largest Countries Where No Venomous (Land) Snakes Are Native
Nine of the ten are island nations.

Countries Where Skunks Are Native
Mainland countries in the Americas plus two faraway island nations are on this list.

Which Country Is Most Associated with Each of These Surnames? (Quiz #2)
This week, the bonus "list" is a quiz--the same one done once in 2006, but with different names and countries.

Hungry for Distant Foods: Most Populous Countries to Have No U.S. Restaurants Specializing in Their Cuisine
These countries are all indeed very distant from the U.S.

Island Fever: Largest Cities on Distant Small Islands
Several distant small-island cities have more than 100,000 people.

Currencies with Their Lowest Denomination Having the Highest Value
Seven countries, mostly in Europe, have their lowest-value coin worth more than 5 U.S. cents.

Largest U.S. Cities with a German Name
Only one has a population greater than 100,000.

Countries Where Military Members Can't Vote (And Other People Can)
All are Latin American or Arab.

States with the Most Home Depots per Capita
More common in upper New England and the Mountain West, less common in the Midwest.

States with the Most Starbucks per Capita
Still most common in the West.

States with the Greatest Percentage of Their Land Area Burned by Fire in Recent Years
A few non-Western states are on the list.

Cities with Radio Affiliates Broadcasting Major League Baseball Games Which Are Furthest from the Team
Mostly islands and Canada.

U.S. States with the Most Vegetarian Restaurants per Capita
Except for Alaska, the Pacific states rank very high.

Countries with the Youngest People
All are either in (or near) Africa.

U.S. Towns Most Likely to Share a Name with a Country
This list includes countries around the world, though more often in Europe than elsewhere.

Most Populous Countries to Export No Electricity
Island nations are not the only ones on this list.

Largest World Cities to Share Their Names with No Other City or Town
Asia dominates the scene here.

Countries with a Crescent in Their Flag
Two of the 15 actually are not Muslim-majority countries.

Most Populous Countries to Have No Casinos
Among large countries, many are in Asia.

Largest U.S. Cities to Have Only One Zip Code
All are in populous states.

Furthest East, North, South and/or West Locations of Selected Regional Stores
See if you recognize any of these stores from only certain sections of the U.S.

Countries with the Longest Coastlines
The top 2 have fjords--many of them--and variably sized coastal islands.

Quiz: What Do These 23 States Have in Common?
See if you can figure this one out before checking the answer.

States with the Highest (and Lowest) Ratio of Bicycle Commuters to All Commuters
West is clearly the best in this list.

Cloudy Nights, Sunny Days: U.S. Cities Most Likely to Have Overcast Skies at Night Versus Day
All top ten cities in this list are in the same state.

Long Trips for Diplomats: Most Isolated National Capital Cities
Most are separated by lots of water (but not all!).

Countries with the Most States, Provinces or Other Primary Divisions
Not too many school children will learn all the provinces of the Philippines or the municipalities of Serbia.

Countries with Weird Time Zones (Which Are Offset by a Fraction of an Hour from Normal Time Zones)
Includes places ranging from the second most populous country to islands with very few people.

States with the Most (And Fewest) Household Vehicles per 100 People
These states generally have cold winters and lower population densities.

River Systems in the World Containing the Most Countries Within Their Watersheds
Biggest rivers? Not always...sometimes it's small countries.

Bah Humbug! Largest Countries in the World Where Christmas Is Not a Government Holiday
Of course, all countries on the list have plenty of other holidays.

States Where Beer with More Than 6-Percent Alcohol (by Volume) Can't Be Sold
Four states are on this list, down from six just two years ago.

Countries with the Highest-Rated (And Lowest-Rated) Overall Beer
Europe is where many would expect good beer, but that's not the only place.

Countries with the Highest Percentage of Their Railroads Being Electrified
All are in Europe or East Asia.

States Where Interstate Highway Exit Numbers Are Not Based on Mileage
All states are in the Northeast.

U.S. States That Don't Require Front License Plates on Cars
There's a strong southeastern bias.

Prohibition Lives: Largest U.S. Counties to be "Dry Counties"
Includes a county with the headquarters of one of the world's largest corporations.

Electric Blankets in Summer: U.S. Towns with the Coldest Average July Nights
All of these places are either more than a mile above sea level or at along the coast (but which coast?).

Countries with Days Off from Work Besides Saturday and Sunday
All except one have a Muslim majority (but not all Muslim nations are on this list).

Most Populous Countries to Have No Oil Production
Nine of the ten are developing nations; what's the other?

States with the Highest (and Lowest) Percentages of Households Having 3 or More Bedrooms
You're more likely to see a "For Sale, 3-Bedroom House" sign in the Southeast than the West.

Largest U.S. Cities To Have No Walmart
A surprising number of large cities still have no Walmart!

Most Populous Countries To Have Never Played in a World Cup Soccer Game
Only two regions of the world are truly under-represented.

Which Country Is Most Associated with Each of These Surnames?
This week, the bonus "list" is a quiz, instead.

Which Country Is Associated with Each of These Currencies?
Another quiz (similar to one in the book, but with different currencies/countries).

Countries Which Border Only One Other Country
Only 17 of the 193 independent nations border only one other.

LARGEST U.S. Cities Having Houses for Sale for Less Than $10,000
Most are in the Industrial Midwest.

Most Extreme Bedroom Communities in the U.S.
These are basically the most "suburban" of suburbs.

U.S. States Where the Highest Percentage of Children Are Adopted
States with low population densities rank highest.

Driest U.S. Locations East of the Mississippi River
Hint: Far from sea water but close to fresh water.

Geographical Variations of Last Names in the U.S.: Part I
Americans with last names of Schmidt are more likely to endure cold climates than people with last names of Williams.

Geographical Variations of Last Names in the U.S.: Part II
If you have a last name of Garcia, Cohen or Jensen, there are some states you are very unlikely to live in (but others where your last name is quite common).

Geographical Variations of Last Names in the U.S.: Part III
Are most Kennedys really from Massachusetts? Are there Snows in snowy climates?

March Madness: Street Names Related to Basketball
A few more "weird street names"...this time for basketball-lovers.

U.S. States with the Longest Period of Time Where the Same Party Controlled the Governor's Office
Six states have had the same party in office for over 100 consecutive years at some point during their history.

U.S. States with the Most Public Airports per Capita
Relative to the population density, the Plains states rank high.

U.S. States with the Most Public Airports per Square Mile
A good (but not perfect) mirror of population density.

Most Populous Countries and Dependencies Whose Currency Is Called the Dollar
Most, but not all, have English as the #1 language.

Richest Countries Considered To Be "Not Free"
Only five have per capita incomes above the global average.

Poorest Countries Considered To Be "Free"
Six of the ten are African nations.

Countries Where Everybody Who Visits Must Have a Visa
Even China, Iran and Saudi Arabia don't make this list. So...who does?

Countries Where Their Citizens Can Visit the Most Other Countries Without a Visa
The top countries can visit over 100 other countries with just a passport.

Quiz: The Names of the Nationalities
People in the U.S. are Americans, people in Mexico are Mexicans, but what are people in Botswana? (Not Botswanans!)

Most Isolated 14,000-Foot Mountains in the World
#1 is very remote--both from people and from other large mountains.

Largest Countries Without a 10,000-Foot Mountain
Is Australia #1? Or a Saharan nation? Nope--read on.

States with the Highest (and Lowest) Number of Breweries (Including Microbrews and Brewpubs) per Capita
As has been the case for many recent lists, smaller states in the North rank highest.

States with the Highest (and Lowest) Amounts of Money Spent at Veterinarians per Capita
Most small Northern states rank high.

States with the Highest (and Lowest) Percentages of Their "Renter-Occupied Units" Where All Utilities Are Included in the Rent Price
It's mostly the small states versus the large states.

States with U.S. Senators Who Have Spent the Most (And Least) Amount of Time in Office
Just like with the previous list (above), it's mostly the small states versus the large states.

Countries Which Have Seen the Greatest Percentage Increases (And Decreases) in Tourists since 1995
Some countries starting with the letter A (not Afghanistan though) rank high.

U.S. States with the Highest (and Lowest) Percentages of People Who Leave for Work at Unusual Times of Day
#1 is a state where tourists often stay up well into the night.

Largest Counties (By Population) in the United States (And How Many Independent Nations Each Is More Populous Than)
One is so large that it is more populous than more than half the world's nations.

U.S. States Where All of the Rivers and Streams Share Only One Outlet to the Ocean
Most of these states are entirely drained by the Mississippi River system.

Countries with the Lowest Per Capita Incomes Which Have Pledged To Help the United States in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Some of these countries have themselves received aid for tsunamis or hurricanes in recent years.

Largest Counties (by Area) in the United States (and How Many Independent Nations Each Is Larger Than
Some Western U.S. counties are larger than numerous European nations--and more.

Largest U.S. Cities with a French Name
3 of the 50 largest U.S. cities have French names.

Largest U.S. Cities with a Native-American Name
These are especially common in Middle-America.

Largest U.S. Cities with a Spanish Name
All of the top 10 are in former Spanish or Mexican territory.

U.S. States Where the Highest (and Lowest) Percentage of Their People Who Were Born in a Spanish-Speaking Country Came From Mexico
There's a reason Mexico is part of the name New Mexico.

U.S States with the Most Rollercoasters per Million People
The Northeast and Midwest ranks high.

U.S States with the Most (and Fewest) Book Publishers per Million People
Seems to be an "indoor" pursuit in cold weather.

U.S States with the Largest (and Smallest) Ratios Between Mexican-Born Women and Men
Many Southeastern states have vastly more Mexican-born men than women.

U.S. States with the Highest Percentage of Their People Born Before 1930 Who Were World War II Veterans
The western states rank highest.

Largest World Cities to Share Their Names with No Other Cities, Towns or Villages
No English-language names are in the top ten.

Extremely Steep Streets in the United States
San Francisco's steepest street isn't even close to being #1.

States with the Highest Percentage of Their Housing Units Without Complete Indoor Plumbing
Mountainous states rank high (especially cold ones).

Countries with License Plates Which Use Non-Western Numerals
Most (but not all) are in the Middle East.

U.S. Counties with the Most Incorporated Cities
Think suburbs, lots of them!

Countries Which Have Seen the Lowest Percentage Gains in Per Capita Income (GDP) Between 1961 and 2004
Instead of getting richer, these countries generally became poorer.

Countries Which Have Seen the Greatest Percentage Gains in Per Capita Income (GDP) Between 1961 and 2004
Not surprisingly, numerous Asian countries rank high.

Largest U.S. Cities Containing No Streets Named after That City
There's no Philadelphia Street in Philly.

Rogue Roads: Yet More Weird Street Names
A few more...for your pleasure.

U.S. Cities with the Straightest and Least-Straight Streets
It's mostly West versus East.

Larger Countries with the Most Tourists Per Capita
Again, Europe scores high.

Countries and Dependencies with the Most Tourists Per Capita
Many visitors, few residents.

Most Populous Countries Without a Major International Chain Hotel
The most populous country has almost 70 million people.

States with the Greatest and Least Disparity between Per Capita Incomes for Whites Versus Blacks
There are strong regional variations.

Rich State, Poor State: What Percentage of the Per Capita Income of a Country's Richest State That the Poorest State Earns
Big difference between small rich countries and developing countries.

This Old House: States with the Most and Fewest of Their Houses Built Before 1940
The title hints at #1.

States with the Highest and Lowest Percentages of Their People Who Are Married
It's not just rural versus urban.

Countries Which Are the Most Expensive to Call from the U.S.
As expected, remote countries rank high.

Most Populous Countries to Have No Cities with a Million or More People
The number one country might not have any huge cities, but it certainly has huge mountains!

Cities with 1 Million People or More (Each) Which Are Adjacent to Each Other
Only one U.S. city is included.

U.S. States with the Longest and Shortest City Names
To go long, go eeeeeeeeeeeast.

Countries with the Currencies That Gained the Most Relative to the U.S. Dollar in Recent Years
The nations using the Euro are #5 (who's even higher?).

At Which Latitude Is the Sun Straight Up at Solar Noon?
Answers are given for different dates.

Largest U.S. Cities and Towns with Rare Pines
These places have 2 rare coastal pines.

Five U.S. States (and the Only Five) That Have No Native Cacti
Surprisingly, 45 states have native cacti, including some with cold, damp climates!

Happy Holidays: Countries Where Their National Holiday (Such As Independence Day) Is Closest to December 25
All of these are within 2 weeks of Xmas!

Earliest Sunsets of the Year (in Various US and World Cities)
Most of these are occur in early December, before the solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere.

Bewildering Boulevards: More Weird Street Names
By popular demand! These are in addition to the ones found in the book!

Countries with the Greatest Difference Between the Male and Female Literacy Rates
Some of these poor countries have female literacy rates of less than half the male literacy rates.

Countries with Higher Female Literacy Rates Than Male Literacy Rates
These are rare, since countries where women are most empowered are those where high literacy rates occur for both genders.

Counties with the Highest Percentage of the Population Who Are Mennonite
None are in Europe, even though that denomination began there.

Counties with the Highest Percentage of the Population Who Are Jewish
Israel is number one. The United States is number three. Who's number two?

Five Largest U.S. Cities Without Playboy Magazine in Their Public Libraries
Those needing to research the articles in Playboy in these cities must find an alternative to the public library.

Lonely Cities: Ten U.S. Cities with the Greatest Distance to the Nearest City
Three are in Alaska; two are on islands. Where are the rest?

States Which Have Had the Most Direct Hits by Hurricanes (1900-2003)
The #1 state will take an even greater lead when 2004 is included in the list.

Countries Which Rely Most on One Country to Buy Their Exports
Half of the top 10 countries rely on the U.S. to buy most of their exports.

Locations/Nations Closest to the Equator That Have Daylight Saving Time
Only a few tropical locations have Daylight Saving Time in summer.

Countries with the Most (and Fewest) Airports per 10,000 Square Miles
An island nation is #1; a country in the Sahel ranks last.

Countries Which Are "Not Free" with the Highest Per Capita Incomes
The only countries in the world which are not free but have per capita incomes near or above the global average are the oil-rich countries.

Places in the World Which Are the Furthest West or East for a Time Zone (Latest and Earliest Solar Noons)
These places basically skipped a time zone!

How Much Does Twilight Vary Around the World?
Depends partly on the season, more on the latitude.

Various American Holiday Foods: Most Common in the U.S. or Elsewhere?
Four Thanksgiving and Christmas foods are included.

States with the Highest Number of Wins in NCAA Division-I Men's Basketball Tournament Games (1939-2004)
North Carolina, Indiana and Kansas are definitely "basketball states." A few large states also made the list by sheer "brute force."

States with the Highest Number of Bowl Game Wins for Their College Football Teams (Jan. 1902-Jan. 2004)
There's a definite Southern bias in this list.

States That Have Sent No College Football Teams to a Bowl Game(Jan. 1902-Jan. 2004)
Only one of these states is entirely south of 40 North latitude. Barely.

States with the Highest Number of Teams in NCAA Division-I Men's Hockey's "Frozen Four" (1948-2004)
It's safe to say: There are no Confederate states in this list.

Countries Whose Names are Easily Mispronounced
This is actually a little quiz! How many of these can you pronounce correctly?

THE AMAZING RACE: 3 Geography Lists about That Popular TV Show

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