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It's fairly well-known that Reno, Nevada is further west than Los Angeles, California. However, these other city geographical orientations are less known. If some of these seem too good to be true, open up the atlas (or find the latitudes and longitudes).

In the United States:

Libby, Montana is further WEST than both Las Vegas, Nevada and Needles, California.

Crescent City, California is further NORTH than New Bedford, Massachusetts.

San Diego, California is at the same latitude as Charleston, South Carolina.

Jacksonville, Florida is further WEST than Youngstown, Ohio.

Old Faithful, in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, is further WEST than Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the tip of Baja California.

Wichita, Kansas is further EAST than Tampico, Mexico, on the Gulf Coast.

In other parts of the world:

Brindisi, Italy is further EAST than Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

Venice, Italy is at the same latitude as Ottawa, Canada.

Parts of Kazakhstan are further WEST than the extreme east tip of Ethiopia.

Lima, Peru is further EAST than Nassau, Bahamas.

San Jose, Costa Rica, in Central America is further SOUTH than Cartagena, Colombia and Caracas, Venezuela, both in South America. In fact, the north tip of South America is further NORTH than parts of Nicaragua (including its capital, Managua) and all of Costa Rica and Panama.

Parts of Hokkaido, Japan are further EAST than Guam.

And possibly the most amazing of all:

Algiers, Algeria--in Africa, is further NORTH than the Midwestern town of Branson, Missouri.

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